DIY Baby Shower Party Ideas for Girls

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Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice, That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of.!!!! Well you will be very excited by now as your pregnancy will becoming to an end and you will finally be able to meet your gorgeous little daughter. Having a Baby Shower is such a fun way to celebrate the upcoming birth and time to spend with close family and Friends. Organizing a Baby shower should be fun and easy and here we have some DIY Baby Shower Party Ideas for Girls to help you get your creative juices going. Main thing is to have fun and enjoy every minute of it.

DIY Baby Shower Party Ideas For Girls

Winter Theme Girl Baby Shower

Winter Theme Baby Shower Just Devine

This theme is so easy to do yourself, it is just getting the right colors and right food to put it all together.


Girlie Cake Pops

Cake Pops are so easy to make a look just gorgeous

Cake Pops are really easy to make and once you add a little Pink and White to them they really add to the gorgeous theme of your Baby Shower. Great Baby Shower Party Ideas


Have a Boy then check out these DIY Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

Diaper Cake For Little Girls

Diaper Cakes are the best gift for a Baby Shower and so easy to make

Making a Diaper cake is so easy you just need lots of Diapers and a little patience. Once you make one you will be addicted you might even think about going into Business making them for a living…!!! Just a thought.


DIY Baby Shower Party Ideas for Girls

Throwing a Sprinkle Baby Shower

Sprinkle Baby Shower what a gorgeous idea

Love this idea of a Sprinkle Baby Shower it just looks so gorgeous with all the lovely colors in the Sprinkles and so easy to DIY. !!

Check it out here.

Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

I know when people go to a baby shower they usually take a gift for the new Mom-to-be, but it is really lovely if you can give back and make some Favors to give to your guests and what a great idea to get lots of nail polishes, wrap them in Tule and ribbon and give them out to all your wonderful guests

Baby Shower Favor Ideas.

Gorgeous Cakes For Baby Shower

Gorgeous Baby Shower Cakes

Now i know your thinking this cake is not an Easy DIY but for some people it will be easy if they have a love for cake making and decorating. See I would give this ago might not look as great and might not be as adorable but I would give it a try. Even just one layer





Having a Baby is the most amazing thing in life well I think so!!!.So you want to have a lovely Baby Shower that you will remember for years to come so why not try and do a few DIY things if you can and hopefully I have given you a few different ideas n what you need and then if need be you can get others to make things or help you with they things you don’t feel you are able to do.


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DIY Baby Shower Party Ideas for Girls

Having a Baby Shower should not be stressful so try these gorgeous DIY Baby Shower Party Ideas.


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